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Re: Opinion needed - included component w/o licensing doc

I'm re-opening a discussion which started at
in July 2001.  I wanted to ask for clarification because metrics is
still in woody and unstable and if we cannot distribute it we should
remove it before the woody release. (Note that metrics was part of

* Greg Wiley <greg@orthogony.com> [20010710 14:58]:
> The package, metrics, contains a collection of small programs.  One
> program was released by it's author under the GPL, one group of
> programs was released into the public domain.  Two programs, lc and
> ccount, however, have no supporting license or copyright
> documentation.

On the other hand, debian/copyright claims:

|  All programs in this collection are either public-domain or under the
| GNU GPL, version 2, license.  Since I have put some (albeit minor) efforts
| putting together the different pieces, integrating them all together, and
| writing part of the documentation, I hereby release the whole collection
| under the GNU General Public License.
|  Ioannis Tambouras <ioannis@debian.org>
|  May 27, 1999

In other words, the former maintainer of the package said the tools
were public domain, even those not marked as such.  Does that help, or
is it not clear enough?

I suppose this is not "good enough" and that metrics should be
removed, but I'm not positive.

Martin Michlmayr

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