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Re: linux gpl question

also sprach John Galt <galt@inconnu.isu.edu> [2002.04.27.0106 +0200]:
> >However, his patches are patches *of Linux*, and so if he distributes
> >the patched Linux, he is required to distribute the full source,
> >because Linux is copyable only under the terms of the GPL and that's
> >what the GPL requires.  If he doesn't like that, his only option is to
> >refrain from copying the Linux binaries at all.
> I'm really wondering why you even bothered to point this out.  You restate 
> my point rather complicatedly and mostly wrongly, then added a huge assed 
> dose of the obvious.  Why?  

chill hey! gosh, legal issues always make people so belligerent ;^>!

this is, after all, not always straight forward as in the books. in
fact, i claim to have understood most of the license, and your
explanations, and i am still confused in certain cases. granted, this
one is answered rather easily (now that i know what to consider and
where to look), but i still appreciate any form of feedback within the
reasonable bounds and as long as nobody purposely acts childish or
stupidly. this ain't no offense, john.

> BTW, he is only required to provide the GPL'd stuff when asked: there is 
> no law, clause, or any other thing on God's green earth that is forcing 
> him to give up his rights of authorship in code he wrote (gee, does it 
> sound like I'm repeating myself?).

you still have a wonderful way of explaining, quite understandable,
i find...

> Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

on purpose?

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