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[Glenn Maynard (Re: EDICT, GPL) writes:]

[Background: SKIP (System of Kanji Indexing by Patterns) is Jack
Halpern's indexing system used in both his kanji dictionaries.]

>> A quick question about SKIP data in the kanjidic: The license page
>> says both that you have permission to include it, and that
>> "SKIP data must be protected from illegal copying and distribution,
>> using such measures encryption. The data must be encrypted if it is to
>> be used in any kind of product, including commercial products, software
>> and freeware." (in the SKIP license.)  
>> Is this requirement waived?  I'd imagine that if he allowed the data to be
>> included, he's no longer interested in preventing illegal distribution by
>> "encryption".  (It's obviously not encrypted within kanjidic.)  Seems
>> like a fairly useless requirement, anyway.

I included those words because Jack wanted them. I think they are pretty
meaningless. Jack is a friend of mine, and I know he has a well-honed
dislike of IP piracy, having seen some of his writings simply
appropriated by others. He's no IT guru though, pace the above, and I'm
not convinced that his SKIP is that well protected. The 3000-odd codes
published in his New Japanese-English Character Dictionary may well be 
copyright, but since AFAIK he did not patent the system, the SKIP codes
for the remaining 9,000-odd kanji in my kanji databases, most of which
I generated, are out of his control. I'm happy to go along with the
notion that he controls their disposition. I can't really imagine anyone
else charging in to publish a SKIP-oriented kanji dictionary. The market
isn't big enough.



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