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[Glenn Maynard (Re: EDICT, GPL) writes:]
>> On Wed, Apr 24, 2002 at 01:20:28AM -0500, David Starner wrote:
>> > What exactly was the question here?
>> (c, i) "Permission is granted: ... to use these files as part of software
>> which is distributed free-of-charge ..."

This is quoting from the licence covering EDICT, etc.

>> What's necessary to allow a program to use the EDICT?  

Basically the program either must not be sold, or if it is, it gets specific
permission in return for a licence fee.

>> If a GPL program can
>> use the EDICT freely, that'd seem to indicate this clause is unenforcable, at
>> least in this case; the program might end up being distributed commercially.

At the stage such software begins commercial distribution, it ceases to
be eligible to use the file(s) fre-of-charge.

Enforcibility? I would have all sorts of jurisdictional problems in
establishing a tort existed. My licence has been violated a couple of
times in the past  and for their pains the perpetrators attracted so
much vitriolic email, once the violation became public, that they backed off 
in a hurry.

>> (How do restrictions like this work?  How could it be satisfied if I placed a
>> program that uses the EDICT in the public domain?)  edict-el appears to be a
>> plain GPL program that uses it; there seems to be nothing stopping commercial
>> distribution.  There are examples of GPL programs that use the EDICT
>> with and without this restriction added, though in the cases where it
>> was, I don't know if this was the reason.

You can sell edict-el as much as you like. But if you pop a copy of EDICT
on the CD for the package to use, I'll make the violation public and call
in my cheer squad. 8-)}



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