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BibTeX Licensing (Don't Panic!)

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Note that my initial question about whether the documentation of
BibTeX was non-free was due to my having completely missed the
README file in the tetex-base package (possibly on your system as

The contents of that file are

   The files acm.bst, siam.bst, and ieeetr.bst (and any other
   BibTeX file I maintain) may be freely distributed, provided
   that if any file is changed, it also be renamed.  This
   restriction helps ensure that identically named versions of the
   these files are indeed identical.

   Oren Patashnik, 1999

I've written to Oren and confirmed that the conditions in the
README file apply to the btxdoc and btxhak documents.  He
suggested that we draft a revision of the README file if we felt
we needed to, and he would approve it or modify it 'til he was
happy with it.

So the question is, are the terms in the README file clear enough
to make everyone happy, or do we need to add some stuff?  In
particular, should the file list all of the files that are covered
by the terms?



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