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Re: Bug#140103: ITP: alliance -- VLSI CAD system

Andreas Bombe <bombe@informatik.tu-muenchen.de> wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 01, 2002 at 05:54:08PM -0800, Walter Landry wrote:
> > In any case, they could write their own license which is basically the
> > GPL with this added restriction.  That might even be DFSG-free, though
> > the use restriction makes it annoying.  It would also be incompatible
> > with anything else under the GPL.
> It wouldn't be DFSG free, since the advertising is required for
> commercial users (violates DFSG 6, no discrimination against fields of
> endeavour).

The license seems to say that it is required for all users, not just
commercial ones.  In any case, I'm not convinced that it would be
DFSG-free.  I just can't think of any reason it wouldn't be.

> > Phrasing it as a request would be much more polite, and wouldn't
> > require surgery on the GPL.  I don't know exactly what this software
> > does, but they could also have the software insert the phrase into the
> > output, much like Latex2HTML does.
> This is software to design hardware.  So it is quite unclear how that
> requirement should be fulfilled.
> Mention in the docs?  In advertisement?  On the chip package?  On the
> die?

I was thinking that it would go onto whatever the output of the
program is.  Presumably that is then turned into a chip.  The notice
would then end up on the die.

This wouldn't inform the end-user, but it would inform anyone who is
modifying the design.  You're right, though, in that it is probably
not what the authors would like.

Walter Landry

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