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Re: WARNING: Crypto software to be included into main Debian distribution

Walter Landry <wlandry@ucsd.edu> writes:

> So is Debian going to do that?  If Debian doesn't do it, will it be in
> trouble?  You're being silly here.  Debian has to do all of these
> things to be safe from the law.

No, no, no.  He said it would demonstrate good faith, he didn't say it
was necessary.

> > He didn't say anything about restricting the use of the software.
> Au contraire.  He said
>   ...you might consider having a provision in your license agreement,
>   or a separate screen prior to download, that advises the person
>   downloading the software as follows:
>     ... you represent and warrant that ... you will not use the
>     software directly or indirectly in the design, development,
>     stockpiling or use of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons or
>     missiles.
> That sounds like a use restriction to me.

"You might consider" is a far cry from "you must".  I don't think you
understand how lawyers give recommendations. 

> > He didn't say anything about "not allowing mirrors"--merely that *we*
> > shouldn't set one up in T7.
> He said that there should not be an "official" mirror.  I'm sorry
> that, in trying to be brief and to the point, I omitted the word
> "official".  I was more explicit in the first email you responded to.
> In any case, my point still stands.  Is Debian changing its policy to
> not allow official mirrors in the T7?  I'm sure some people will
> object to that.

We don't need to change our policy at all.  We can just do exactly
what we do now.

Look, is there some other motive here?  Our hands are tied *now* with
the non-us hassle.  We would be untying them a little bit by putting
crypto in main, which is, basically, happening, thanks to the
favorable legal opinion received.


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