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[dpt@math.harvard.edu: kernel-source-2.4.17: Source code for 'drivers/net/acenic_firmware.h' not included]

I filed this bug on kernel-source-2.4.17, and the maintainer told me
(reasonably) to discuss this on debian-legal.  This is another instance
of a binary driver included in the kernel without source.  The source
for this driver was apparently available at one time; however, (as
documented below) the source no longer seems to be available.  I don't
know what conditions the source code was originally released under.

What do people think?

Does anyone know anyone who uses this driver/knows where to get the

Dylan Thurston

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From: Dylan Thurston <dpt@math.harvard.edu>
To: Debian Bug Tracking System <submit@bugs.debian.org>
Subject: kernel-source-2.4.17: Source code for 'drivers/net/acenic_firmware.h' not included
X-Reportbug-Version: 1.41.14213

Package: kernel-source-2.4.17
Version: 2.4.17-1
Severity: serious
Justification: Policy 2.1.1 (the DFSG)

drivers/net/acenic_firmware.h contains the following:

#define tigonFwText 0
#define tigonFwData 0
#define tigonFwRodata 0
/* Generated by genfw.c */
static u32 tigonFwText[(MAX_TEXT_LEN/4) + 1] __initdata = {
0x0, 0xd, 0xd, 0x3c1d0001, 
<..lots of hex digits omitted..>

There is no 'genfw.c' distributed with the kernel source.  I found a
version of 'genfw' in Perl at
but AFAICT this is just a tool for extracting the firmware from an ELF
file, and I didn't see the actual source there.

There is also information at
http://www.cs.unm.edu/~maccabe/SSL/frag/tools/make.html, but it refers
to a CVS archive which does not seem to be publically accessible.

This seems like just an oversight, but it is a violation of the GPL at
the moment.

	Dylan Thurston

-- System Information
Debian Release: 3.0
Architecture: i386
Kernel: Linux lotus 2.4.17 #1 Tue Jan 15 22:42:20 UTC 2002 i686

Versions of packages kernel-source-2.4.17 depends on:
ii  binutils       The GNU assembler, linker and bina
ii  bzip2                   1.0.1-14         A high-quality block-sorting file 
ii  fileutils               4.1-9            GNU file management utilities.

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