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Re: after a long thread and a clarification with O'Reilly ...

Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl> writes:

> The statement you quoted is inside a "provided that" clause.  So they're
> making DFSG compliance a legal requirement, which is a bit problematic
> since the DFSG was never intended as a legal document :)  

True enough, but the clause kills the license anyway.  What it says

If you commercially distribute the book, it must be as part of a
DFSG-free aggregate.

However, clause one of the DFSG requires that it be permissible to add
it to *any* aggregate, whether the aggregate is DFSG-free or not.

For example, a DFSG-free thing can be added to Sun's Solaris CDs.  The
O'Reilly manuals cannot.


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