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after a long thread and a clarification with O'Reilly ...

... I managed to obtain another version of their "notes" for the book
redistribution, following this notes the answer to Thomas' question is:

On Mon, Jan 28, 2002 at 11:42:46PM -0800, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:
> Can someone take all and only the O'Reilly books from the Debian
> distribution, and print them, and sell them (as an aggregate) to
> whoever they want?  


And these are the new "notes" that O'Reilly wants to be present in the
debian package of the book.

   This document is the official (1.0) electronic version of the book
   "Développement d'applications avec Objective Caml", written by
   Emmanuel Chailloux, Pascal Manoury, and Bruno Pagano, and published
   by Éditions O'Reilly under ISBN 2-84177-121-0. Authors and publishers
   are willing to make this document freely available on any medium,
   provided that

   - the content of the official version is not modified without
     expressed agreement of the authors or the publisher.

   - unofficial modifications expressely state so, while always
     providing users with a live pointer to the corresponding official

   - commercial products that include this document are themselves
     compliant with the DSFG and don't consist of this document only.

   - this very notice is made easily available to any user of the

Now, this new version seems to clarify a bounce of problems, starting
from the medium ranging to the aggregate problem.

What you think about this now?

Note that I will not upload in main unless we manage to reach an
agreement on this list; moreover, I know that decisions needs
discussions, but if we can't manage to reach an agreement I will upload
the book in non-free, continue the discussion on this list and with
O'Reilly and move the book to main if this will be the case when we
eventually reach an agreement.

Note also that (YES, I'm repeating myself) I don't know if O'Reilly
fully understand the conseguence of the above notes, but these are not
what we are discussing for, we are discussing about compliance with
DFSG. If somebody wants to help O'Reilly in writing book license I can
forward the O'Reilly contact to him that can propose himself for a legal

I also have to say that Sven understood my points and explained them
correctly, probably with an english that is better than mine :)

Thanks Sven.
Thanks Debian-Legal guys.


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