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Re: license requirements for a book to be in free section

Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org> wrote:
> I just want to know if the reported requirements imposed by O'Reilly
> are free enough to satisfy DFSG or not.

I'm actually unclear as to what the exact license is.  The only text
that was produced was in your first email to debian-legal.  That, I
believe everyone agrees, was DFSG-free.  Afterwards, you made the

> They also told me that they don't want to allow the commercial
> distribution of the book, anyway again in their opinion this doesn't
> violate the DFSG.

It would depend on the exact wording, but I think that this list is
coming to a consensus.  Restricting commercial distribution is not
DFSG-free, even if it is just the printed version.

> BTW, since now I have seen no progress talking on this list to learn
> what I'm looking for. Does exists an "official" authority that can
> say if the reported requirement fall in the DFSG-free category? If
> such an authority does not exists I will put the book in non-free
> section.

The closest thing to an authority is this list, debian-legal.  If
there is a difference of opinion, the ftp-masters presumably check
this list to make sure that there is a consensus as to whether the
material is free.

> Woody is coming and I don't want to miss the package for a long long
> long legal disquisition.

Sorry, wrong list for that ;)

Walter Landry

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