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Re: license requirements for a book to be in free section

Scripsit Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org>

> This document is the official (1.0) electronic version of the book
> "D=E9veloppement d'applications avec Objective Caml", written by Emmanuel
> Chailloux, Pascal Manoury, and Bruno Pagano, and published by =C9ditions
> O'Reilly under ISBN 2-84177-121-0. Authors and publishers are willing to
> make this document freely available, provided that
> - the content of the official version is not modified without expressed
> agreement of the authors or the publisher.
> - unofficial modifications expressely state so, while always providing
> users with a live pointer to the corresponding official version.
> - this very notice is made easily available to any user of the document

> Is this enough to destribute the book in Debian and moreover to put in
> "free" section?

It seems to be free enough on the surface - "unofficial modifications"
are apparently allowed as long as they identify themselves as such.

However, I'm not really sure whether the DFSG should also be read as
requiring the free right to make and sell hardcopies. One could argue
either way from the text of the DFSG, I think.

If the license you quoted were to apply to a piece of software, we
could probably assume such a permission, but I suppose it would need
to be more explicitly worded when it comes from a publishing house - I
doubt they would grant it, actually.

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