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Re: draft for new Vim license

Glenn Maynard wrote:

> > Isn't it clear that this is about further distributing a modified Vim as
> > was created as mentioned under c)?
> Does this mean that you can only use 3c for your own changes; and 3d for
> other peoples' changes?  That's ... odd.  

Yes, because only the person who makes the changes can decide what
license to use for them.  People further distributing the changes can't
change the license.  But they can distribute part of it, under the
mentioned conditions.

> > > 	4) The contact information as mentioned under 3) must not be removed
> > > 	or changed.
> > 
> > If the original author makes a correction, this can be considered to be
> > a new change and a new modified version, which replaces the older one.
> He can't change it; 4) forbids it.

Yeah, to be more exact the author must be allowed to correct the

    4) The contact information as mentioned under 3) must not be removed or
       changed, except that the person himself can make corrections.

> > > Don't assume this means it hasn't happened.  I have, in the past, tries
> > > a program; gone "hey, this is neat--maybe I'll work on it", looked at
> > > the license, saw that I didn't like it and simply said "oh well".
> > 
> > True.  I have done that with GPL-licensed softare many times.
> Why?  What about the GPL would make you not want to contribute to
> something using it?

Because the company I worked for does not allow my work to be distributed
outside of the company, and that conflicts with the GPL.  It might be
possible to get permission, but that's a hassle (the legal department
has to agree with the exception).  And linking GPL stuff in code which
is really not to be distributed (e.g., a PostScript interpreter) is out
of the question.

> People who make libraries GPL probably tend to not want their code used
> by proprietary software *at all*; they don't want their contributed time
> being used to aid it.

Exactly.  That's why I would call the GPL non-free.  *duck* :-)

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