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Re: One unclear point in the Vim license

On Thu, Jan 03, 2002 at 11:21:19AM +0100, Bram Moolenaar wrote:
> > Certainly the current Vim license is GPL-incompatible.  (Even if we
> > decided it's free after all, it's definitely not ok to link it against
> > a GPLd library.)
> I don't see how you can call a GPL'ed library "free" if it's not allowed
> to compile it together with other software.

Not all other software.  Just software that has more restrictions on it
that the GPL itself levies.

For instance, a program to be licensed under the Microsoft End User
License Agreement is not permitted to use GPL'ed code.  Whether that
GPL'ed code is used via copying and pasting chunks of source into the
program, or via an object loader that supports relocatable symbols, is
not considered important.

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