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Re: One unclear point in the Vim license

Glenn Maynard <g_dlegal@zewt.org> writes:

> You can't link a GPL-incompatible program (closed source, or any that
> have more restrictions than the GPL) to a GPL-licensed program.
> I'm not sure of the reasoning; I think it's along the line of thought that
> you're reusing GPL code by linking a shared library just as much as you
> would be by copying the source and not modifying it; the only difference is
> the mechanism.

It's because the combined total program must (according to the GPL) be
distributed under the terms of the GPL. But because the other part
cannot be, the total product cannot be distributed at all without
violating the license terms of one part or the other.

The GPL says "if you want to distribute the GPL'd part, you must
distribute the whole under terms compatible with the GPL".  If you
don't or can't do that, then the GPL prohibits you from distributing
the GPL'd part.  The distributor of the non-GPL'd part might also be
liable for contributory infringement, depending on the exact

In any case, Debian has no reason to try and get Bram to change *that*
part of things; but certainly we must comply with the license, and
that means we can't distribute a vim that is linked with gpm.

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