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Re: One unclear point in the Vim license

    Theoretically this would be possible.  However, for the software to be
    distributed with another license every person that contributed would have
    to agree with it, since each person has the copyright for the part he
    contributed under the GPL.  Since there hardly ever is an explicit
    mentioning of what license is used for the contributed part, implicitly
    the currently active license applies.  Well, I'm not a lawyer but that's
    how I interpret what I heard (it might actually be different for various

We could ask a lawyer about this.  Because of this clause

      These restrictions may also be used for previous
     Vim releases instead of the text that was included with it.

you could argue that user contributors were giving permission
for this change.

    Besides the official things, I think it's fair to contributors to tell
    them what happens with their code.  I wonder what would happen if I make
    Vim GPL and explicitly state that it's possible to negotiate another
    license with me.

You already say that these terms can be negotiated.
If you want to set limits on what other terms you could use,
you could probably do that.

      And it
    will be confusing, because many people will think that Vim is GPL'ed,
    even though there is an extra statement.

It would be GPL'd, in the sense that people could use it under the GPL.
This does not seem to be a problem for Qt or MySQL.

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