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Re: IMCs vCard/vCalendar SDK: unclear license, acceptable as fre

On 30-Dec-2001 Walter Landry wrote:
 > Andreas Pretzsch <andypre@gmx.de> wrote:
 >> I'd like to package IMCs vCard/vCalendar library but I'm unsure if
 >> the
 >> license complies to Debian.
 >> I think packaging would be worth the effort, as e.g. gnome-pim uses
 >> the
 >> library statically linked.
 > Their intent seems to be BSDish.  Most of the files have the
Their intent by sure. But laywers can be pedantic ...
Well, I'll just package it and put it in "free".

 > copyright
 > notice you quoted (which is fine), but not all.  You should ask for
No problem here, as all relevant files include the copyright notice.
Only the windows specific files (makefiles, resource, DLL-defines, ...)
are lacking it, which will be removed anyway.
Beside the two examples (1 page of simple code), which can be claimed as

 > clarification.  Just ask them what the license of the unlicensed
 > files is.
I'll do and hand over the package to the original developers, if

 > Also, the trademark stuff is not a problem.

Thanks for the rapid answer !


Bye, Andreas Pretzsch                           email: andypre@gmx.de

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