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Re: mpsql - why is it non-free?

On Tue, Dec 25, 2001 at 09:39:36PM -0700, toff wrote:
> I am thinking about applying to become a maintainer, and was looking
> through the orphaned packages. mpsql caught my eye, as my day job is
> usually 9-to-5 SQL, and my boss has asked me to look into pgsql for
> our company. 
> So potentially I could have some time to work on this. Anyway, I saw
> that it is in the non-free distribution. I just wondered why that
> was. I searched the debian-legal archives all the way back, not a peep
> about mpsql. And the license seems innocuous enough to my (admittedly
> untrained) eye:

Answering myself, when I looked at the full copyright, it has a
portion (called libhelp) licensed under a restrictive NCSA Mosiac
license. So now I understand. 

If I excised the help library, I believe it could be free. Is there a
more standard help utility in X besides Gnome Help Browser (which I
really like)? I think this help library provides context-sensitive

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