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Re: wpoison, is it okay?

> > > #     Also, the official Wpoison logo itself must be include in an
> > > #     hyperlink so that any usser clicking on any part of the logo
> image 
> > > #     will be directed/linked to the Wpoison home page at:
> > 
> > Please keep CC to 122929@bugs.debian.org

Branden wrote:
> The license also forbids distribution of the Wpoison logo in any format
> that doesn't support an HTML hyperlink.  Neither the GIF nor PNG
> formats, nor any image file format with which I am familiar, supports
> HTML linking *inside the image file format*.

Re-read. It says "image should be inside the hyperlink", not the other 
way around.
Snnnvnd Fndrsn

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