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Re: A concrete proposal

On Fri, Dec 14, 2001 at 09:22:20PM -0800, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:
> If I understand it right, his proposal would fit into BLANKTWO as
> follows:
>   BLANKTWO OPTION AT: ", if they are debian-doc, various"
> This would make the operative sentence:
> "In addition, packages may contain, if they are debian-doc, various
> other invariant text."

No, that's not correct. An accurate, although perhaps imprecise, way of
phrasing it, in toto, is:

	"Packages in main are not required to allow their copyright and
	 license information to be changed. In addition packages may
	 include any of a small number of texts and require them to
	 be distributed unchanged with any copies of the package. Only
	 texts which are (also) included in the debian-doc package are
	 permissable for this exception."
> I would be entirely happy with BLANKTWO OPTION AT, if RMS would
> approve of our distribution of the emacs manual in main with the
> invariant sections moved over to debian-doc.

No, they simply need to be copied over to debian-doc, which requires us
to find a copy of the GNU Manifesto that's distributed on its own, rather
than inseperable from the GPL and the GFDL and the emacs Distribution
info as it is in the Emacs manual. And again, this probably shouldn't
apply to the "Distribution" section of the emacs manual, so the emacs
manual would still probably move to non-free.

Again, the idea is:

		copyright (pointer to LGPL, and GFDL text)
		libc.info-*.gz (contains the Free-Doc text, the LGPL and
			the GFDL as invariant texts)

being quite okay.

I find this the least objectionable of the suggestions that'd keep the
glibc manual in main, but I don't find it unobjectionable, and I'm not
sure it'd keep the emacs manual in main. It wouldn't keep the Gdb manual
in main.


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