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Re: A concrete proposal

I omitted Anthony Towns's "debian-doc" proposal from my list of
options here.  

If I understand it right, his proposal would fit into BLANKTWO as

  BLANKTWO OPTION AT: ", if they are debian-doc, various"

This would make the operative sentence:

"In addition, packages may contain, if they are debian-doc, various
other invariant text."

(That's awkward phrasing, but no bother.  If people prefer this
option, then we can of course tighten up the language.)

I would be entirely happy with BLANKTWO OPTION AT, if RMS would
approve of our distribution of the emacs manual in main with the
invariant sections moved over to debian-doc.

[Editorial note: When I earlier spoke of "debian-political" and moving
the entire emacs manual into a different section, I was operating
under a misunderstanding of what Anthony's proposal was; I think I've
now got it right.)


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