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Re: existing FDL documentation won't hurt

Sunnanvind Fenderson <sunnanvind@fenderson.com> writes:

> (Oh, and by the way, RMS kept ignoring me. That's really creepy, am I
> in his killfile or something?)

Did he get your messages?  He doesn't subscribe to debian-legal, so if
you over-zealously trimmed him from your messages, of course he
wouldn't get them.

> While Branden and his posse agreed to always be watchful of
> "supposedly" FDL:ed documents that marks up things as invariant that
> can't be invariant.

As indeed we *should* do.... for *every* package.  Though the
conversation *was* useful in my opinion, because it did alert us all
to the issues so that we know what to look for and how.

> So now I'm just basically sitting back to see what happens. My head
> hurts. And I think I have a rash. Maybe I should eat something now.

Let me just say that I found the conversation exceedingly useful in
clarifying what we should do--and while your initial worries weren't
necessarily so well founded, the fact that you brought it up was a
good thing.

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