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existing FDL documentation won't hurt

Some time ago, there was a discussion to make documents under the GNU
Free Documentation License (FDL) unfree for Debian.  This is not

The FDL seems to have a bug and some flaws.  The bug that arbitrary
sections can be shut off from modification is only a potential danger
for misuse.  All of the existing documents fixed only the license
sections, no other parts may be fixed by the existing arrangement;
so they are clean.

Documents, however, that are not written so far could misuse the license

Therefore, it would be enough to put a freeze to not use the FDL for 
future documents, but leave the existing documents as free because they
are.  In my case, this affects the man-pages of groff.

I hope that I could make this subtle difference clear.

Bernd Warken <bwarken@mayn.de>

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