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Re: GFDL is a DFSG-compliant license

I think that it is agreed that fonts and xfig-examples need to be free
without exception, because they are functional elements.  They
certainly don't fall into any category of "irrelevant" to make an
exception for them.

Yes, and I've explicitly said so in the past.
We're in agreement on that. I was just posting a short and distorted history of how I percieved that the discussion started.

Indeed the discussion isn't over, but it's not like Brandon and I are
the arbiters of what is correct.  Everyone who has something positive
and constructive to contribute should do so.

Yes, even though Branden is the Keeper-of-the-Something-or-Other and you're also Some-Nice-Title-that-I-don't-recall-at-the-moment.

Which includes you: there is no special category of Important
Decisions such that you shouldn't feel free to ask questions and make

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. (And there'll certainly be a lot of questions and suggestions from me in the future. Bwahahahaha!) However, should it be time for actual decision making, I don't think that I'm allowed to have any actual say, since I'm not even a real Debian developer (yet), just a messed up kid with a dream. Rest assured that my continued input with regard to various cryptic fine print wordings will be provided, as wildly varying between excellent and embarrassing that input may be.

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