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>>>>> "Raul" == Raul Miller <moth@debian.org> writes:

    Raul> And because arranging the distribution to satisfy the "don't
    Raul> distribute gpled code with the incompatible executable"
    Raul> sub-clause requires, in essence, that we set up two
    Raul> independent distribution channels.  [So we can guarantee
    Raul> we're not distributing the gpled code with the incompatibly
    Raul> licensed executable form of the other code.]

This came up in the past and I pointed out that for example Solaris
does not set up such a second distribution channel even though they
distribute GPLed code on the main Solaris (8 and beyond) CDs.  I think
this issue is open to a lot more discussion.  Personally I don't care
and don't want to try to use this clause.  If someone does want to use
this clause they should probably put together a long write-up
explaining how others have used the clause and citing any opinions on
what the clause means.  You need to write it up well and be aware that
it may well turn out there are no uses Debian could put that clause
to.  However, if you convincing demonstrate that you are not violating
the GPL, and none of the software involved violates the DFSG there is
nothing that would stop you from using that clause to get a package

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