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Re: tomcat.deb is illegal in debian

begin  Kevin A. Burton  quotation:
> I assume you are saying that Tomcat/Apache and Debian become one
> program at this point?

	You don't even remember the original question, do you?

	No, to clarify to those whom you might confuse:

Tomcat, apache, debian, all separate programs, and as such can be
aggregated at will.  hooray for the GPL!

therefore, the clause does not take effect when mr Burton telnets to
the FSF's site and says "What're you running?" and finds out that it's
apache and debian.

Now, the original question was whether or not someone's GPL'd patches
to an apache-licensed program (tomcat, I believe) could be legally
distributed, since that would be the combination of GPLd code and
apache-licensed code.

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