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Re: ffmpeg + mplayer


I have been also discussing with  Darius Pietrzak
(and thru him with the mplayer developers) about uploading mplayer into
debian. Note that Darius Pietrzak is not a mantainer afaik.

mplayer is already packaged by D.P., the standard way,
but this is not what we want: we want a thing that automatically
compiles on the user machine, to have the best in speed
(until runtime CPU detection is fully ok). We also discussed many ideas,
as : having an mplayer-common and some mplayer-pentium-3 mplayer-athlon...
binaries already available, and an mplayer wrapper script who
chooses the best available binary and complains if it does not fit
well to the CPU.

but first and foremost we have two problems with license of mplayer:
1) the mplayer people forbid the ditribution of binaries and
 this is incompatible with GPL, which they claim to abide
2) opendivx is not gpl , we need to rip it off and use ffmpeg

I am anyway pursuing this task of having mplayer in debian :
 I did many tests this summer on aviplay, xmps, etc etc, and 
 mplayer was by far the best (in reliability, speed, and # of codecs

more comments on

On Tue, Oct 02, 2001 at 12:16:54PM +0200, P?sztor Gy?rgy wrote:
> Hi,
> (1st sorry, for the crosspost)
> I look the mplayer project, and the ffmpeg.
> I think this can be legalize, if the mplayer use the GPL-ed ffmpeg-s
> codec. But it link statically with it, etc, etc...
> I didn't see ffmpeg in debian, and mplayer's maintainership isn't celar
> for me: Who is the official maintainer of the mplayer?

no one. mplayer is not in debian, yet , afaik

> After many talk with the mplayer author team, they welcome my idea:
> Do an mplayer-src package which build on the users machine, like the pine,
> or the qmail with an build-{mplayer,pine,qmail,etc} command.
> They work on the runtime cpu detection method, but it isn't done yet.
> I think, this would be the only solution, that they like, and also keep
> mplayer, as fast as can be.
> The other thing: to legalize it: I think the only way to it, to use the
> ffmpeg's libavcodec.
> I would maintain it, but I didn't see it anywhere in the debian, and I
> don't want to do my fault again, (ITP a package, which is already
> debianized)
> But I think It could be done, if the ffmpeg's maintainer, and the
> mplayer's maintainer is the same person.
> Mplayer's author welcome, to put my debian/ into the source tre, but I
> want to ask it from the current maintainer, and I don't want to take over
> the maintainer ship without any word.
> The current debian/control record contains Darius Pietrzak <...>, and an
> ITP is in the wnpp from him. But I can't reach him by an e-mail. I think,

he is working on his master. give him a break :-)

> he is MIA, because I wrote my e-mail more than a month ago him, and He
> doesn't answer that since.


A Mennucc
 "? un mondo difficile. Che vita intensa!" (Renato Carotone)

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