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ffmpeg + mplayer


(1st sorry, for the crosspost)

I look the mplayer project, and the ffmpeg.
I think this can be legalize, if the mplayer use the GPL-ed ffmpeg-s
codec. But it link statically with it, etc, etc...
I didn't see ffmpeg in debian, and mplayer's maintainership isn't celar
for me: Who is the official maintainer of the mplayer?
After many talk with the mplayer author team, they welcome my idea:
Do an mplayer-src package which build on the users machine, like the pine,
or the qmail with an build-{mplayer,pine,qmail,etc} command.
They work on the runtime cpu detection method, but it isn't done yet.
I think, this would be the only solution, that they like, and also keep
mplayer, as fast as can be.
The other thing: to legalize it: I think the only way to it, to use the
ffmpeg's libavcodec.
I would maintain it, but I didn't see it anywhere in the debian, and I
don't want to do my fault again, (ITP a package, which is already
But I think It could be done, if the ffmpeg's maintainer, and the
mplayer's maintainer is the same person.
Mplayer's author welcome, to put my debian/ into the source tre, but I
want to ask it from the current maintainer, and I don't want to take over
the maintainer ship without any word.
The current debian/control record contains Darius Pietrzak <...>, and an
ITP is in the wnpp from him. But I can't reach him by an e-mail. I think,
he is MIA, because I wrote my e-mail more than a month ago him, and He
doesn't answer that since.

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