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Re: Apple Public Source License APSL v1.2 2001-01-04 www.publicsource.apple.com/apsl/

> Hello,
> Is this license DFSG-free?
> I searched the archiv but only found the same question from
> January 2001 with an answer (http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2001/debian-legal-200101/msg00009.html)
> and a thread "xodometer licensing" where it is discussed but didn't
> see the answer.:(

This license is somewhat similar to the IBM Public License, although
it is more annoying in places.  The only real problem that I see is
that it isn't allowed to be used by people who are suing Apple for
patent infringement.  It doesn't matter whether the patent is
incredibly outrageous or entirely reasonable.  The IBM license has
similar language, although it is much more limited.

The requirement that all modifications must be made publicly available
is a bit annoying.  If I give a modification to a friend, I am
required to publish the modification to the world for the next 12
months.  It's probably ok, although I'm willing to be contradicted.

I would tend to think of APSL as non-free, though it certainly isn't
clear to me.

Walter Landry

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