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Re: gdchart license

On Wed, Sep 26, 2001 at 11:26:42AM +0200, Dennis Schoen <dennis@cobolt.net> wrote...
> I've recently adopted the ntop package wich is heavily outdated. The
> newer versions however depend on the gdchart library wich I would
> also like to package. It's license is a bit unclear to me so I
> seek help :)

When I first adopted ntop, I contacted the author of GDChart about
a possible licence-rewording. He had said that he'd do so in the next
release, possibly BSD, but nothing had happened in a loong time.

At http://www.fred.net/brv/chart/dev0101.htm there seems to be finally
a new version that tries to rephrade the licence. Looks much better
now but still doesn't solve the "distribution of modification" issue.
The author said that it was OK to distribute modifications so it is still
only a wording issue. 

> Permission has been granted to copy, distribute and modify GDChart in any
> context without fee, including a commercial
> application, provided that this notice is present in user-accessible
> supporting documentation.

maybe you could propose to him
" Permission has been granted to copy, distribute and use GDChart in source
and binary forms, with or without modification, in any context...."

(balant rip from BSD)

	Oliver M. Bolzer

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