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Re: Public domain fonts?

David Starner <dstarner98@aasaa.ofe.org>:

> > Silly, philosophical point: if the author is dead, then there is a
> > greatly reduced risk of the author coming back and "clarifying" the
> > licence, so presumably you can interpret the licence more broadly in
> > that case.
> Of course, you've got the possibility of some descendent coming after
> you, who may have found the very concept of giving it away absurd, and
> is happy to take a very narrow interpretation of the license.

A spouse might have some kind of special authority, but a random
descendent can't claim to have a more authoritative knowledge of the
author's intentions than anyone else in the world, so there's no
reason anyone should take any particular interest in the descendent's
interpretation. That's what I meant.


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