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Packaging reverse engineered software


I want to package some kernel drivers for mpeg decoder cards that 
feature em8300 chipsets.
The problem I see arising is that some parts of the software are
based on information gained from reverse engineering windows vxds.

An other thing that is of importance is that the decoding of mpegs
won't work as long as some microcode is extracted from the windows
vxd and then uploaded to the chipset.

So I think in the best case this piece of software is contrib, but
reverse engineering is prohibited in a number of countries and so
I am not sure if this would be better go into non-free or even stay
out of the archive. Therefore I am asking for some advice.

If you need further information you may ask me or have a look at
http://dxr3.sourceforge.net/ (the project page of the software in

Please cc me since I am not subscribed to the list. Thanx in advance.

kind regards, 
Michael Moerz 

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