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RE: mplayer / divx

On 02 Sep 2001 05:53:29 +0200, Sami Dalouche wrote:

> I read the mplayer / divx thread, and what I think is that debian
> should just add a patent/, or BS/ distro (the same way it has a
> distro), and release it on freenet. ;)


Aside from the issues of law at play here (I most certainly am not a
lawyer...) you *must* remember that Freenet is not secure enough to be
used as such a distribution mechanism.

It has been clearly shown that there is a theoretical possibility to
identify "anonymous" uploaders to Freenet - would you be prepared to
risk having ``them'' coming after you?

The solution as I see it is to simply move away from all major Western
countries and go live in our own Kingdom - maybe ``Debian World'', a new
offshore platform with fat bandwidth...it's been done but it'd be fun :)


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