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Re: Selling CDs...

On Sun, Aug 26, 2001 at 11:32:33AM +0200, Jakob B. Jensen wrote:
> How you manage to give people source code you don't have is your
> problem, but for option c pointing people to www.debian.org might
> be fine if you say something like "According to the information I
> have received, the corresponding source code can be downloaded
> from the mirrors of www.debian.org, as of the date of the
> snapshot" (that Debian has later updated the contents of master
> with new versions is not your problem under 3c, if you are not
> commercial).

Note that Debian is using option 3a, distributing source together with
binaries.  It does NOT offer or promise to keep sources around for 3 years.
So if you got such an offer, it wasn't from Debian, and it won't refer
to www.debian.org.

Richard Braakman

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