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Re: Group Copyright

On Fri, Jul 20, 2001 at 08:46:19AM -0600, John Galt wrote:
> Ask Dmitriy Sklyarov how ineffectual it is....

Isn't he the guy who treatened to sue over archives?  If so, then yeah, I
was shocked and dismayed to see something resembling a backbone for a nice
change of pace.  Regarding legal absurdities relating to xine-css, drivers
for the CueCat, and other would-be proprietary stuff, we'll see.  I don't
have a lot of faith in this sort of thing until the DMCA in the US and
probably similar laws elsewhere are struck down as the sad jokes that they

> >I can just envision being able to declare it sinful to violate the GPL.
> >It would throw a few BSD guys I know into fits.  ;)  Definite potential
> >there just for the sake of watching them sputter about the evils of GNU
> >for an hour or so.  =D
> Most of the BSD types that care about the BSD/GPL thing already think that
> the GPL advocates have a holier than thou attitude anyways...

They're partly right - the attitude comes from the FSF and many people
using the license.  Whether or not it's bad is a personal judgement.  In
any event, the GPL is basically the best license for what it does at the
moment.  People wouldn't use it if there were something better.  So far,
there isn't.

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