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Re: Combining proprietary code and GPL for in-house use

On 27 Jun 2001, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:

>John Galt <galt@inconnu.isu.edu> writes:
>> No it isn't.  Debian's one of my favorite distros, and I hate to see it
>> being brought down by the likes of you.  Every time you tell someone that
>> they aren't a part of Debian, at least one person (more likely five or
>> six: people have been known to listen) is lost to Debian, possibly
>> forever.
>You're not a developer.  I don't know why you think repeating that
>fact is supposed to alienate everyone.

It's not.  What is supposed to alienate everyone is YOU telling them that
they aren't.  Telling ME is one thing: I figure that if they don't know
enough about Debian that they know who all the flame-warriors are it's
just as well that they wait a few years to become a DD.

>> This tired old tripe again?  Why don't you get it through your head that
>> for all intents and purposes, the only name I will ever use within
>> is John Galt?
>I want to know what name you use *outside* Debian.  Isn't that clear
>by now?  That's the mimimal courtesy you won't give us.  I can see you

I owe YOU courtesy?! ROTFLMAO

>at a party.  "Hi, my name is Alex, who are you?"  "You can call me
>John.  That's not my real name, but I'll only call myself John around
>you."  You must be a real treat!

Ever been to a Cypherpunks meeting?  That's _de rigeur_ behavior there...
Actually, it goes something like "Hi, my name is  ''alfred von neumann'',
but you can call me John".  BTW, let me clue you in to something: you're
no more Thomas Bushnell than I am John Galt.  Both of them are arbitrary
assemblages of letters that once can only hope has a uniqueness that
allows you to differentiate yourself from all the other pinkish bipeds
around...  Yours just got chosen for you by your parents (well, not
really: they chose three names for you I'll bet...), mine got chosen
for me when I logged into a BBS many moons ago and I had to pick an 8
character handle.

>> Whether or not >I< am a part of Debian, if I ever catch you attempting to
>> exclude another person, I will stop at nothing to see you bodily removed
>> from Debian, preferably with my bootprint on your ass.
>"Exclusion" isn't the point.  You, and Hoffman, if you have the
>talents and the other necessary requirements, are welcome to join the
>Project.  But until you do so, it is simply a fact that you aren't
>part of Debian.

Horsefeathers. Exclusion is the WHOLE point.  The unsaid part of any line
that starts "you aren't a part of..." is almost always "...and won't be as
long as I can help it".  So long as you throw qualifier in like "IF you
have the talents" and "[IF you have] the other necessary requirements"
you're being exclusionary.  In Hoffman's case, it was uncalled for.  In
your usual tripe with me, it's pathetic: the only power you have over me
being included is rhetorical.  In fact, everyone who knows any better
already knows that the only power you have is rhetorical, but you don't
usually reserve your comments to those who know better now do you?

>Now Hoffman hasn't really been hostile.  I think he's just following
>ratholes, trying to understand a complicated thing.  I wanted to make
>clear that following every rathole can actually be destructive.

No, you just wanted to make it clear that you would brook no subversion of
the GPL, even if it were perfectly legal.  To do this, you browbeat
everyone with how offtopic it was and used the DD keyring like a club.
Could you look REALLY far up and tell me the best places to find worms?
You see, it's fishing season, and I could use some bait...


I can be immature if I want to, because I'm mature enough to make my own

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