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Re: OpenSSL and GPLed programs

Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:

> into their libssl, for reference), and GPL-related. In particular, the
> OpenSSL license is probably not GPL compatible, due to both an explicit
> "You can't use this code under the GPL"-esque clause, and two or three
> obnoxious advertising clauses.

I would think that the explicit "Don't use with GPL"-clause is mostly
meant as a warning that the GPL doesnt allow linking with OpenSSL and
not a "We don't like GPL'ed programs"-clause.

The only mentioning of the GPL I can find in
/usr/share/doc/libssl0.9.6 is that you can't relicense OpenSSL under
other licenses, _not even GPL_.

An by reading the FAQ at openssl.org it seems that they don't have
problems with the GPL but know that the GPL has some problem with
their license.


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