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Re: three send back changes clauses

> >I don't agree.  This puts a restriction on _users_.  This means that
> >it can't be used in the NSA, FBI, Los Alamos, typical Silicon Valley
> >startups, or any other place that doesn't let people talk about what
> >they do.  That violates DFSG#6: No Discrimination Against Fields of
> >Endeavor.
> You're right, though in context, classification is enough to foil "best
> effort".  Basically, the weasel words come to the rescue again.

It seems like you're interpreting the weasel words to make the whole
clause have no practical effect.  I don't think that we can really do
that.  You're saying that if my boss tells me not to contribute back
changes, that is enough to foil "best effort".  What if it is my wife?
What about the voices I hear in my head?  I still think that the
package can't go in main.

Walter Landry

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