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Re: request

	I'm not really part of debian, but I think that we have prior art fo the fact that mailing lists that are public are commonly archived and stored online for searching. 

	As for the guy thats being anal retentive about his emails, you KNEW it was being archived online before you posted. It's a long held tenant of mailing lists. Being a Open Source group, I also would like to think that Debian has a special position in that everything sent to thier public lists is assumed to be automaticly granting permission to keep things public.

	However, if you want to go and make a precedent ruining it so that noone can post to a public list due to them closing for fear of having to spend an enourmous resource on just keeping emails private on an individual basis, go for it. Just realise you are going to be totaly screwing the pooch for everyone else.

	You DEFINITLY don't have the spirit of the open source movement. WHY you are here at all , I can not fathom. So instead of ruining it for everyone else, just please go away.

	Brian, an open source advocate who cares about his distribution.

p.s. anal retentive guy, I think at this point, i'll be boycoting anything you touch. Enjoy making yourself an outcast of the Open Source Community. Cause, you AREN'T WELCOME ANYMORE BY ME.

On Sat, May 12, 2001 at 03:54:16PM -0400, Wolfgang Sourdeau wrote:
> Then. Just send an email to all of the Debian archives, asking people
> who wants their mail to be removed to tell it.
> And on the subscription page and with any information related to
> subscription, warn the subscriber that everything is archived and that
> by subscribing, he agrees to give Debian the right to copy his mails
> for archival.
> W.
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