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Re: request

> You are displeased with the current terms of the lists; that is unfortunate.
> There may be no harm in making some of the terms of the mailing list 
> explicit in the subscription agreement, however.  I suggest it include 
> an explicit license to use, copy, adapt or otherwise cause the 
> submissions to be freely available to the public without limitation (OPL 
> seems good choice?); and an explicit waiver of moral rights within the 
> scope of Debian and its agents use. 
> It should include rights to any attachments to submissions which could 
> include pictorial, sound, software executables, etc. in line with the 
> GPL.  We need to protect against claims of secondary infringment in our 
> redistributions, should somebody infringe in posting something.

I'm not too keen on making explicit what (almost) everyone assumes to
be already true.  In writing the agreement, there might be something
we forget that is important.  Worse, we might put in something that's
wrong, and a court throws the whole agreement out.  To do it really
right would require consulting a lawyer.  And then the law might
change.  This sort of thing is really not worth it.

Walter Landry

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