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Re: request

On Sun, 6 May 2001, Sergio Brandano wrote:

> My observation was that "Mailing Lists" (Debian's
> or otherwise) are suddenly claiming copy-rights
> as if they were officially registered periodicals,
> and that such a claim is not legal.
> Please note that we are talking about "mail" here
> (we are not talking about "articles" or other forms
> of literature), and mail is subject to more strict
> rules withing the general copyright code. Mail is
> in fact private, in the US as well as any modern
> country. In the UK, for example, there are only
> two person who can read an addressed mail: the
> receiver and the Queen. By posting to a "mailing
> list", you are posting to a number of people;
> it is like making a xerox of your mail, then post
> it to a number of people.

I think this is a to limited view of things.
First technically, the mails go to debian to redistribute them,
and then there is an difference between mails to an public discussion
forum and an limited number of people, you sent mail to.

Or do you value to speeches the same in matter of privaty, where the one
in helt in an backroom of an tavern and the second for example in
parliament or an other public forum, that is widly open to be heared by
anyone intrested and is known to be archieved?B

  Bernhard R. Link

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