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Re: Keyspan Firmware fun

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your thoughts on the Keyspan license issue.

I'm a bit concerned that Keyspan are being painted as the "bad guys" here -
for better or worse (seemingly the latter :) they were relying on me for
guidance as to how best to walk the line between helping out and protecting
their interests.  

The copyright notice as it appears was copied from another device in the
Linux kernel that made use of uploadable firmware.  When Linus gave it the
OK, I (perhaps naively) assumed that this would be satisfactory.

For what it's worth I can assure readers that they aren't a big bad bunch of
guys, quite the contrary - "What can we change in the firmware to make the
Linux driver easier ?" being typical of their level of assistance!

As I noted on the usb-devel list I don't feel I personally possess the
necessary depth of understanding of the aggregation argument to do much
other than rely on the feedback from Greg, Alan and others.  On that basis
I'd assumed things were OK.

As it's not I'm working with a couple of the guys here to see if we can make
the necessary changes to the copyright block to make it fit better - I'll
then forward this to Greg and this list for comment before forwarding it to
Keyspan and requesting the change.

Thanks folks for your patience,

 (Who is a Debian user too!)

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