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Re: diablo license

Scripsit Marco d'Itri <md@Linux.IT>

> >5. When this software or any work derived from this software is used in a
> >   commercial product or bundled with a commercial product, the vendor must
> >   also produce the program this software is derived from for
> >   either the Linux or FreeBSD operating systems. 

> Would removing or clarifying "or bundled" from the clause make it free?

Together with clarification of "commercial product" it might be free.

It must be possible, for example, to port the software to Windows
and sell media with copies of the port (with source and under the
original license) even though the port cannot be compiled under

I.e., to make it free, "commercial product" must be defined such that
it does not include data media with free software, sold for profit.

It *would* be acceptable to say, for example, something like

  5. In addition to the other rights granted by the license, you may
     distribute derived works under a proprietary licence, PROVIDED
     that you provide a version of the derived work that has identical
     performance, ability and price and works under either Linux or

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