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Re: diablo license

On Mar 29, "Thomas Bushnell, BSG" <tb@becket.net> wrote:

 >It seems pretty clear to me that it is not DFSG-free.  A DFSG program
 >needs to be usable on any operating system without discrimination, and
 >this license says you can use it on Linux without worrying, but if you
 >merely bundle it with, say, Solaris, then you have some special extra
Would removing or clarifying "or bundled" from the clause make it free?
I understand the goal of this license is to keep some degree of freeness
on derived work.

>5. When this software or any work derived from this software is used in a
>   commercial product or bundled with a commercial product, the vendor must
>   also produce the program this software is derived from for either the Linux
>   or FreeBSD operating systems.  The Linux or FreeBSD version of the product


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