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Re: Contracts & Usage (was Re: FilterProxy and DFSG)

Sam TH said:
> On Tue, Mar 13, 2001 at 10:01:39AM -0600, Bob McElrath wrote:

> > One could always take the source for the click-wrap licensed software,
> > change one line, and start redistributing it.  (indeed, I don't think
> > changing it is even necessary under the GPL).
> Actually, you can license your program however you want, and if you
> specify that your license overrides the GPL, then all subsequent users
> have to use your license.  
> But in order for it to have any legal validity, you do need to have a
> little click-here-to-agree thing before the user uses the program.  

Actually, it depends on what you're licensing.  Usage is always 
questionable (did they agree to the license or is it how they're 
operating?).  Redistribution/modification is not (see GPL).  No GPL 
software I know depends on click-here-to-agree.  Instead, the GPL points 
out that, while you don't have to agree to the license, nothing else gives 
you the redistribution/modification rights (because default Copyright Law 
is only the Copyright holder has rights to make new original copies for 
sale/distribution).  No click-to-agree needed, because the act itself is 
agreement (if they didn't agree, they'd be infringing on copyright).


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