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Re: FilterProxy and DFSG

On Mon, Mar 12, 2001 at 05:37:40PM -0600, Bob McElrath wrote:
> Could you clarify this for me?  How is a usage restriction in violation
> of the GPL?  How does this preclude me from including code from other
> GPL projects?  Can you point me to the appropriate part of the GPL that
> mentions this?
> For reference, the license is here:
>     http://draal.physics.wisc.edu/FilterProxy/LICENSE

GPL section 6, when talking about distributing the program, says
"You may not impose any further restrictions on the recipients'
exercise of the rights granted herein."

This would forbid you from applying FreeProxy's usage restrictions
(defined by your LICENSE) to someone else's GPL'd code, when you
distribute that code as part of FreeProxy.

I realize that you can make an argument that the GPL does not
grant any usage rights in the first place.  But it specifically
says in section 0, "The act of running the program is not restricted."
It gets complicated, so I'll let you make your own arguments :-)

Also, your LICENSE file states that its terms take precedence over
the GPL in case of conflict, which cannot be true if you include
someone else's GPL'd code.

The next statement, "Any work derived from FilterProxy must include
this License in addition to the GPL", would also be a "further
restriction" under section 6.  Hmm, and it contradicts the second
sentence of your own License -- creating a derived work is an issue
of modification and distribution, which you delegate to the GPL.
I'm not sure what effect that should have on interpretation.

Richard Braakman

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