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libcompface's license


 in a mail exchange with one of my applicants, he asked me about the
 license of libcompface.  Basically, from libcompface's readme, it's

 | Compface - 48x48x1 image compression and decompression
 | Copyright (c) James Ashton 1990.
 | Written 89/11/11
 | Feel free to distribute this source at will so long as the above
 | message and this message are included in full.

 This is extendend by a message from the author to read:

 | I don't mind modified versions being distributed.  Please included
 | the original copyright notices as specified and also prominently
 | note, if it is a modified version, the nature and author(s) of the
 | modifications.

 So, you are allowed to distribute modified and unmodified forms of
 libcompface's source.  Note it doesn't mention binary forms.
 Furthermore, libcompface's source carry this:

 | *  Compface - 48x48x1 image compression.
 | *
 | *  Copyright (c) James Ashton - Sydney University - June 1990.
 | *
 | *  Written 11th November 1889.
 | *
 | *  Permission is given to distribute these sources, as long as the
 | *  copyright messages are not removed, and no monies are exchanged. 
 | *
 | *  No responsibility is taken for any errors on inaccuracies inherent
 | *  either to the comments or the code of this program, but if reported
 | *  to me, then an attempt will be made to fix them.

 Does the "no monies" part mean "you can't charge money for the act of
 distributing libcompface"?



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