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non-free packages - what exactly are the requirements from vendor?

In section 5.2 of DR
"Packages which do not apply to the DFSG are placed in the non-free
section. These packages are not considered as part of the Debian

Which is all very well and ambiguous..

What exactly are the requirements?

I have a specific case in mind, but I'd rather wait a while, if it
doesn't matter, this'll just be another thread in archives.

Would a Debian-specific license to redistribute the software be ok?
Or does it have to be non-exclusive to Debian?
I know this is the case for DFSG-free, but unsure WRT non-free.

I know "not for commercial use" is allowed.
So there's no concern about "excluding certain groups"

As I understand it; the only real requirements in order for
something to be included/distributed in "non-free" is:

o Must be able to legally redistribute "as part of the
  distribution". Be this on CD's.. ftp's.. rsync.. whatever.
o Must be able to distribute modified binary packages (why there's
  no pine)

Am I missing something here? I'm certainly no lawyer, and would
appreciate any guidance here.

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