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Re: web2ldap -- cgi and standalone web server that allows browsing and editing LDAP

Gregor Hoffleit wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 21, 2000 at 09:59:36AM -0600, Eric Sherrill wrote:
> > I'd recommend somebody undertake a
> > "clean-room" rewrite of the parser module & license it with GPL or LGPL just
> > to be safe.
> Note that this Pisces license (http://hdl.handle.net/1895.22/1007) is quite
> similar to the Python 1.6 CNRI license (http://hdl.handle.net/1895.22/1012).
> [..]
> Perhaps you remember the discussions about the Python CNRI license.

Debian package of web2ldap? (I was not aware of one.)

I remember the discussion about the first revisions of the Python
CNRI license draft. I already thought about this problem concerning
web2ldap. Several solutions came to my mind:

1. Rewriting the ASN.1 parser module
I already contacted the author of http://pysnmp.sourceforge.net. His
package (with VERY liberal license) contains a module ber.py which
implements encoding/decoding
some basic ASN.1 types needed for SNMP. I pointed him at Pisces a
couple of weeks ago and sent him my current version of pisces.asn1.
Maybe he's interested in contributing a clean-room implementation.
Not sure about how interested Jeremy Hylton is.
Technically I like the idea of mapping ASN.1 types to Python objects
and I'm currently trying to (hopefully) improve the module in this
direction. But currently I do not have much spare time though.
Contributions welcome.

2. I thought about relaxing the license of web2ldap. I have to admit
that up to now I was too lazy for reading a bunch of licenses to
choose "the right one".

3. A short-term solution would be to provide my patched version of
pisces.asn1 on a completely separate download page. web2ldap works
without it except displaying of X.509 certs/CRLs. The presence of
pisces.asn1 is automatically detected anyway => you can make a
Debian package without the ASN.1 module and the few users who really
need the X.509 stuff can easily download and install pisces.asn1.
Note: I'm using a patched version of pisces.asn1. NOT the one from
the Pisces distribution.

> We would be on the safe side and could distribute web2ldap though, if the
> author of web2ldap choose to include an exception clause in his license that
> explicitely permits usage of his code with code under this CNRI license.

Can you give me an example clause?

> Note that all authors of GPL code involved had to agree, though.

Puh, I'm only one. So far the good news... ;-)

Ciao, Michael.

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