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Re: orphaning fetchmail

begin  Brian Behlendorf quotation:
> Making end-users aware of the origin of development is important for
> many people, though; there is even language regarding it in the GPL,
> so incompatibility is probably something that can be worked through.

	Yes.  It's a pity that the BSD license is so anti-commercial,
though.  I mean, the GPL just says you have to offer to give the
recipient source code, but the BSD license requires that you put the
names of every single copyright holder in every single advertisement
of any product that uses the code.  

	This viral property of the BSD license could cost unwitting
companies fortunes as they are forced to upgrade to full-page ads and
entire sections just to advertise their product.  I'm glad that there
are business-friendly licenses (such as the GPL) for us to use.

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